Tuesday, August 19, 2008

a few pictures

me enjoying the first meal i cooked for myself at my house during site visit

This is my house in Anjozorobe... yay!

this is the view from my room at my host family's house in Alarobia, where, as of friday, i will never have to return!

a text blog is coming soon, but i wanted to try and throw some pictures up here...
i know these couple of photos are just a tease, but if you knew how long it took to upload them you'd be proud of my patience for posting these few...

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Anonymous said...

yay! i'm glad you're at your own site....did you ever find out why your host family was feeding you soggy spinach?! i was so pissed when i read that...i wanted to fly down there and beat some host family ass! haha ...but i got your huge letter! matt and i tried to call you from skype...on my computer...but the mic i have to so old it won't work...so i going to go over his place sometime so i can call you!
misses and loves yous,