Saturday, October 4, 2008

mail shout outs

I've been writing a lot of letters, so i don't want to post a blog that says what they all say and ruin the letters, the postage for which is a large portion of my expenditure. So I'll take this opportunity to send out some mad props for mail that I've been receiving:

Mad Props to:
Fran and Verl for the letters, awesome book, and pop tarts which arrived almost completely in tact, good to know, right everyone? ha ha. Chocolate, good call. I can't even eat them here in Tana in front of other PCVs lest I cause a toaster pastry riot. Thanks a lot! Really!
Julie for the 'feet mittens'... a new valuable aspect of my wardrobe.
Mom for the hot chocolate which I've successfully rationed; I'm very proud of myself. And for the package that was sent today, hooray!
Shannon for all the packages during training and letters and magazines and grad info.
Jacklyn for knowing exactly what to get me from Foys!
Jen for using the University mail and sending me stuff from the Lost arg, ha ha!
Robin and Jane for the huge package of amazing things that I have no idea how they knew I needed!! Good calls, guys!
Matt for all the letters and candy... still winning the race for quantity :)

Don't see your name here? Send me mail!!

I'll be back online at the end of the month when i'm back in Tana for the 15th anniversary of Peace Corps Madagascar! and then off to beach vacation!


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