Friday, January 29, 2010

yeah, it's still hot...

This is me and Brittany about to eat a small child.

hey party people... what's going on?

i'm here at the fine internet cafe with the "new girl"... She's from the group that transfered from Niger after four weeks of training. She will be living about an hour South of me (and is therefore my new best friend). She's great- I'm usually blessed with good neighbors, because, well, most PCVs have a lot in common anyway (read: we're all a little crazy).

This week was a little slow, again. School was canceled for a few days for different completely ridiculous reasons (in my opinion) so I ended up doing a lot of reading and was very exciting to have another American dropped off at my door last night! Had another 6am class today... only 6 students were on time... sigh.

My ceiling rat friend has been MIA lately, but not missed.

I had curry coco agnou (fish) for dinner at the "fancy" restaurant last night. They were playing Bob Marley. The new girl (henceforth known as Katie) was impressed. It's really fun showing a new person around after being the new person for so long.

That's all for now. Birthday week is going to be great, I know it.

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