Sunday, July 6, 2008

i love tana

they released us from the grips of alarobia for the weekend and unleashed us upon the capital to wreck havoc... also known as go to internet cafes, buy cell phones, eat overpriced american food, and drink beer. it was much needed... i can't believe i've only been gone a few weeks... it feels a lot more like months... there's a lot to say, and im watching the counter go down on my internet time. This is not a proper post, and you can expect future posts to be more interesting and less rushed, but now i was more interested in assuring people i am alive and in madagascar.

training is pretty boring if youve ever taken one class on teaching, but it's a valuable cultural experience... living with a host family can be exhausting, but they are all so nice and understanding. Malagasy is an interesting language... i might get a hang of it one of these days...

i have a cell phone... the number is country code 261 - 0325859863... you may or may not need to dail the first 0... i don't know... sorry in advance for any confusion!

i feel ilke i have too many stories to tell and things to mention that i don't know where to start...

I am very happy with my site. i have an awesome house with a kitchen, bathroom with a toilet and shower. my house is in the school so its very safe... there are lemurs close by! i will only be a few hours from the capital, which in my opinion, is a huge bonus.

the training village is so beautiful, and so is all of madagascar that i've seen so far.

i will have pictutres up soon i hope... i won't be on the internet again until late july when i go on my site visit, and i hope to have time to post pictures of my site and the training village...

you know how i am with countdowns, so you know im excited that there are just 47 more days of training! yay!

send me mail!

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Anonymous said...

Are you serious?!?! you don't have to poo in a bucket and bathe off a muddy river bank?!?! man! you got off lucky. Can i move out there? i'm glad you're doing so well. I'm compiling a package for you and will send it soon. i miss you so much! By the way, our landlord is a huge biotch. I can't wait to see what she tries to pull when it comes to returning the security deposit. she actually was mad at me because i wasnt moved before the end of the month and that she couldnt show the house with "all my crap in there." yeah! seriously. I told her to take a look at our lease and it says our lease term is up on June 30th and if she lost her copy i would be more then happy to mail her one and hung up on her.oh well, its so much fun being a west sider now. but they keep blowing up all the bridges and i may get stuck over here, but at least chicken louies is within walking distance and the dayton art institute, which i pretty much live at. take care girl. mail me a lemur!!!