Sunday, July 6, 2008

Mom has access to Dorothy's blog

I (Mom/Kati)did some internet research about phoning Madagascar yesterday. If you're calling with a cell phone, go to your carrier's website to look for rates for overseas (uber expensive...but worth it.) There's a free download called skype at This program allows you to use your computer to call Dorothy for a tiny fraction of your cell phone rates (at least it was that way for mine.) Check it out. I'm going to radioshack today to buy a little headset thingy since my computer isn't equipped with the telephone stuff.

Madagascar is 7 hours later than here...Our 10 a.m. is her 5 p.m.

Meanwhile...keep sending her letters nonstop. It's easy. You write and/or draw. Put it in an envelope and attach 94 cents worth of postage. The post office has 94 cent stamps. Go buy ten of them. Write "Par Avion" and "Air Mail" on the envelopes for "express delivery" Also remember on the return address to write "U.S.A." Maybe the rest of the world knows as much about Ohio as we did about Madagascar...except Ohio hasn't had a Disney I doubt it.


Chuck Anderson said...

We have an account with Gorilla Mobile which allows us call Madagascar for 41 cents a minute. But what is really cool though is we can also add additional "call out" lines. We have added alll the sibling's cell phone, grandmas and grandpas ---- and an aunt or two. We have budgeted the amount of time they can talk each month and all of this encourages people to call our PCV daughter who is also in MDG.

Derek Rury said...

I completely agree. PLEASE SEND STUFF! It's the greatest feeling ever!